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Delosh is Quality.

Delosh chemicals & honing diamonds have been tested privately for over a decade, constantly adjusting to the demands of commercial & industrial polished concrete flooring needs. Delosh has put excruciating effort into perfecting a polished concrete system that can yield impeccable results on all polishable substrates. Many manufactures test their results data on new concrete slabs, Delosh has made a trademark in excelling polished concrete refinement on old, worn concrete floors where even prior flooring has been removed.

Product SDS & TDS Sheets

Download Delosh product SDS & TDS sheets for review and submittals on polished concrete projects.

Delosh Polished Concrete Process

View More Information regarding the refinement based Delosh Concrete Polishing Process

Submit to Delosh Project Network

Delosh has a network of polished concrete installers throughout the US. Run your project through the Delosh Project Network, allowing us to guarantee competitive rates and final installation quality. We take the hassle out of comparing vendor qualifications and differing installation procedures.

Delosh Applicator Ease.

The Delosh concrete polishing process is not based simply on installers purchasing Delosh products. Delosh has a highly efficient, ease of installation concrete polishing system that applicators prefer to use. Delosh installers yield fully refined polished concrete flooring with much less effort than other main market systems. Installers waste no time inspecting for scratches, removing stubborn hardeners or guessing on the next diamond step. All Delosh installers follow the same systematic diamondry and chemical approach, floor after floor.

Cream Delosh Polished Concrete
Medium Aggregate Delosh High Gloss Polished Concrete
Retail High Gloss Salt & Pepper Delosh Polished Concrete
Salt & Pepper High Reflectivity Delosh Polished Concrete
Medium Aggregate Delosh Concrete Polishing
Delosh Polished Concrete After Flooring Removal
High Gloss Delosh Cream Polished Concrete
Retial Delosh High Clarity Polished Concrete
High Gloss Delosh Polished Concrete Flooring
Highly Reflective Delosh Polished Concrete
Final Delosh Concrete Polishing Pass
Full Aggregate Delosh Polished Concrete
Delosh Fully Refined Polished Concrete
Full Aggregate High Gloss Delosh Concrete Polished Floor

“An earmark many installers often overlook, the Delosh chemicals used in the concrete polishing process are what create the final concrete refinement any quality polished concrete floor needs. Chemistry in a polished concrete floor is equally as important as knowing how to run the equipment.”