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Delosh Polished Concrete Installer Network

Delosh Is Always Looking for Polished Concrete Installers

Upon Jobsite Certification; Delosh Polished Concrete Companies Can Provide Installations Directly for the Delosh Polished Concrete Network

Aside from Job site Certification, Delosh Contractors Must:

  • Utilize Delosh Chemistry on All Non Spec Polished Concrete Floors
  • Own Delosh Approved Concrete Polishing Equipment
  • Abide by All Local & State Regulations Regarding Silica & Hazardous Material Disposal
  • Provide Liability, Auto & Workman’s Compensation Policies

Delosh Offers’ Polished Concrete Network Installers;

  • Large Equipment Rentals Such as trowels, propane grinders & Rider Autoscrubbers
  • Chemical & Diamond Tooling Cost Included into Installation Agreement, No Upfront Cost to Polished Concrete Contractor
  • Endless Technical Support; not limited to: Chemical Application, Diamond Selection, Edge Detail, Entire Process Sequence, Slurry Containment, Labor Organization & Reduced Labor Cost

Delosh Wet Polished Concrete Honing Diamonds
Delosh Wet Honing Slurry
Wet honing creating slurry using the Delosh Concrete Polishing system.
Delosh DenseSeal Acrylic Polished Concrete Guard Sealer
High Gloss Delosh Industrial Concrete Polished Flooring
Delosh Dry Concrete Polishing Diamonds
Retial Delosh High Clarity Polished Concrete
Delosh Colloidal Silica Polished Concrete Densifier
Delosh Wet Polished Concrete Slurry Refinement
Delosh PolymerTop Acrylic Polished Concrete Guard Sealer
Concrete Polisher Applying Delosh NailHard Densifier
Concrete polishing installer applying Delosh NailHard Densifier.
High Refinement Delosh Polished Concrete Flooring