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Concrete Polisher Applying Delosh NailHard Densifier

The chemistry used in the concrete polishing process is equally as important as knowing how to run the equipment.

Quality components. Nano technology. Indepth application guidance. The chemistry Delosh brings to the Concrete Polishing Process makes the entire sequence more efficient, exceeds results driven expectations and allows polished concrete installers to achieve equal results floor after floor.

All Delosh Concrete Refinement Products are currently available at Concrete Polishing Epoxy Supply’s retail store in Montgomery, IL or on their online website. Click the link below to visit our vendors website!

NailHard Densifier

600 SF Per Gallon Dependent On Slab Porosity, MSRP $31.80

Colloidal Silica densificaiton using Nano Particles, Size 7. The fine, consistent purity of these nano particles instantly reacts not only to the surface of the substrate but deep within due to the minute particulate size. Being Colloidal Silica, no excess mineral deposits are left on the surface. Densification can also be built upon itself with multiple applications. Also, new pour DustProofing can be achieved using Delosh’s Pre-Wet Procedure.

Dry & Wet Polishing Applicable

Instantly Reactive

No Rinsing or Disposal

Can be applied to a wet substrate (saturated, not puddled)

Gelling Effect for Wet Honing

DenseSeal Polished Concrete Guard

1500-2000 SF Per Gallon On Properly Refined Polished Concrete, MSRP $64.10

Thin build, Lithium densifier infused topical polished concrete guard that is burnished to a hardened cure. Creates excellent gloss and added stain protection to the polished concrete surface. This is the expert installers’ choice Polished Concrete Guard- will not hide installer defects such as scratching or increasing gloss on a poorly refined floor. Expert installers are proud to utilize this ‘barely there’ concrete guard enhancement.

Forms a Permanent Bond

Easy Application

Increases Stain Resistance

Enhances a Well Refined Surface Gloss

PolymerTop Polished Concrete Guard

1500-2000 SF Per Gallon On Properly Refined Polished Concrete, MSRP $71.80

Fine blend of polymers that leaves higher topical build on the polished or troweled concrete surface. By burnishing to heat cure, a highly protective top cap is created providing an immense stain resistance while maintaining a vapor transmissible slab. Can be used on well maintained old or new hard troweled concrete floors as a standalone sealer or as a burnishable polished concrete guard. Can enhance gloss and hide minor defects on difficult, defect ridden & low density polished concrete installations.

Forms a Permanent Bond

Easy Application

Enhances Gloss On Poorly Refined Substrates

Increases Stain Resistance

Provides Partial Defect Hide on Difficult to Polish Substrates