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Polished Concrete Contractors

Delosh has put over a decade into simplifying the concrete polishing process while increasing final finish quality. True Concrete Refinement is only achievable by instilling highly advanced chemistry and diamond tooling. The results are ease of installation for any concrete polishing contractor looking to improve their final quality while yielding the highest profit margins.

Your metal tooling, our honing & chemicals.

Prior Flooring Removed, Delosh Ground & Polished Concrete
Delosh Full Aggregate Polished Concrete
Supermarket Delosh Concrete Polishing
Delosh Large Scale Concrete Polishing
Delosh Simple Honed Under the Lights
Large Scale Delosh Concrete Polishing Installation

Delosh installers have a wide range of equipment and associated machine plates, diamond styles.  We keep installation simple by asking installers to use their own preferred metal bond tools prior to jumping into the Delosh Honing & Polishing System.  The Delosh Honing & Polishing System effortlessly removes scratch patterns and gives a refinement unachievable with standard polishing systems. 

Note, this concrete polishing system is a hybrid dry & wet honing/polishing system. Delosh is currently perfecting a similar system for the dry only concrete polishing contractor which will be later announced.

Delosh Wet Honing Slurry
Wet honing creating slurry using the Delosh Concrete Polishing system.

Standard Fully Ground & Delosh Honed & Polished

  • 20/30 Grit Metal Diamond tool of your preference to remove surface mortars & mastics while achieving the aggregate exposure client requests.
  • Patching of all spalls and cracks with epoxy sand mortar mix. Filling of all joints with 2 part polyurea.
  • 60/80 Grit Metal Diamond tool of your preference to remove prior 20/30 grit scratch pattern and knock down polyurea and epoxy mortar repair, creating a flush, smooth repaired substrate ready for honing.
  • Delosh Honing Tools to refine concrete & easily remove prior scratch pattern.
  • Delosh NailHard densifier applied immediately post slurry pickup, 600 sf per gallon.
  • Final Delosh wet Honing performed post densification.
  • Put detail into cleaning slurry post this step- i.e. autoscrubbing floor and detail mopping edges. Let floor dry.
  • Delosh Dry Polishing Performed, Grit Based on Gloss Requested.
  • Delosh DenseSeal or PolymerTop Acrylic Guard Application optional, to be burnished to hardenend cure if chosen.